Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

From Twitter 04-12-2011

  • 09:23:25: Best damn band in #SanFrancisco - the jugtown pirates - are playing a show at Cafe Dunord may 1st. Who's going with me? #music #awsome
  • 09:28:29: Obama sacrafices high speed rail on alter of bipartisanship. No trains for you, america. BP and Exon celebrate victory
  • 09:31:00: @paolobacigalupi did you staple money to the chest of a tatooed clown last night? No? Austin is still not quite san francisco, then, is it?
  • 09:40:32: RT @ggreenwald: Good job by AP & Reuters reporters, persistently highlighting U.S. hypocrisy on its conduct in the Manning case: http:// ...

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