Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

From Twitter 04-18-2011

  • 07:16:31: RT @allisontype: Buy this Book: Welcome to the Revolution: Stauber’s Quirky Debut Novel Equal Parts Visionary SF and Geeky Romance: http ...
  • 07:37:37: @2muchexposition catalogs three dystopian musicals, and reminds me of a lovely afternoon in Toronto.
  • 07:42:31: Reminds me of conversation I just had with @beelizabub; "Rock of Ages sounds okay, but it just doesn't seem as awsome as We Will Rock You"
  • 07:44:51: @2muchexposition Was WE WILL ROCK YOU better than ROCK OF AGES? The twitterverse wants to know!
  • 22:37:11: @SFGiants I wa there

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