Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

The First Half of the Book of the New Sun..

So, I'm receiving books today. And in comes a book thats been back ordered for a while. And it has a slightly redesigned cover, which (excuse me while I geek out) IS TOTALLY SEXY And cool!!

It's got the series title vertically, along the spine edge of the front cover... Its got a green box at the top (which rolls across to the spine and back) declaring the book "The first half of:" right above sexy vertical series title.

Its got the artwork itself shrunk down to centered, with a shit hot Neil Gaiman blurb running over the dead space of the art at the top.

And its got the names of the two novels contained in this omnibus along the bottom of the art, and its got the omnibus volume title above the artwork, along with Wolfe's name.

I mean, this cover conveys a LOT of info... and it does it super elegantly... fucking kudos to the art department at Tor for this one. I can only guess that the 2nd half is getting/has gotten a similar redesign?

Looking at it closely, it appears that this book has traveled around many warehouses and shelves in the past. The matt finish has a bit of scuffing on it. Maybe this desing isn't new, and its just the first time I've noticed it. The back cover has both ISBN 13, and 10 printed on it, which suggests it was probably printed last year.

But (and this is the important part) it is a 14th printing. Take that you silly publishers who don't keep backlist in print! Massive props to everyone at tor for keeping... like 27 milliion Gene Wolfe books in print! And for making them look as sexy as this.
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