Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

Carroll and Graf imprint to be casualtiy of Perseus/avalon merger

As part of its integration of the Avalon Publishing Group, the Perseus Books Group has formed six publishing divisions, an action that will result in the elimination of at least 24 positions and the phasing out of the Carroll & Graf and Thunder's Mouth imprints. As many as 21 other employees could lose their jobs if they are not willing to relocate or take on new roles. In addition, Perseus will sell its Counterpoint Press imprint to Charlie Winton (see related story). William Strachan, editor-in-chief of Thunder's Mouth and Carroll & Graf, and C&G senior editor Don Weise are among the editors being let go.

Here is a letter from Perseus to it eployees...

Notable excerpt..
We have also come to the very difficult decision to discontinue active publishing under the imprint names Carroll & Graf Publishers and Thunder’s Mouth Press. While there are many outstanding authors and fine books at these imprints, there is a fair amount of overlap between the identities of these imprints and those of the six major publishing businesses described above. We feel it is important to focus our efforts around publishing programs with distinct identities and we made this decision in keeping with that goal. Both backlist books and future books in these imprints will find a home in the appropriate part of the Perseus Books Group, where they will be published with care, skill and enthusiasm.</a>

Which is an interesting statement, because none of the divisions outlined in the later has a history, or is tasked with publishing genre fiction. In fact the only one of the divisions publishing fiction seems to be Vangaurd and none of the editors associated with Graff or thundermouths genre fiction will be at Vangaurd...

Sad, scary news for genre publishing. I guess the remaining indy and small press publishers are going to have to step up...
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