Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

Locus Award Memories

The names have been redacted to protect the guilty.

Saturday night in Seattle. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame induction ceremonies have gone long. Back in my hotel room, there is an amazing selection of Rum, a bottle of peppermint schnops, and just enough Makers Mark for 1 shot (This disquieting selection of alcohol was liberated the day before, from the office refrigerators of [insert Night Shade author here], who always has an amazing ability to summon up booze when all bars and liquor stores are closed).

After the induction ceremony, Amelia Beamer tells folks to come back to my room for the after party. Luckily Amelia calls me and tells me this, so I have a chance to put on pants. Before to long, John Berry, Eileen Gunn, Gardner Dozois, and Connie Willis show up at my room.

The conversation veers about, but everyone keeps laughing and telling stories about a certain someone whom I shall (out of respect for the guilty) only refer to as "The Wilt Chamberlain of Science Fiction." Stories of [Insert best selling author here] complaining to Connie Willis because [Insert SF's Wilt Chamberlain here] has "taken" all the available women at the party were very funny, as was confirmation that illicit drug use was much more prevalent in the white powdered 80's. Thursday night [Someone] had asked a question of William Gibson during the Nancy Pear/NPR interview,concerning [Notable SF author] doing cocaine off of Gibson's Nebula award, during a con in the 80's. Fortunately for the unnamed parties, the questions were screened, and the cocaine question was not asked as part of the formal interview, though it did come up latter that night at the wine and cheese reception.

As the evening progressed, Liza Trombi and Amelia Beamer showed up, and the conversations continue to meander about. Eventually, Liza got up to leave, causing everyone to realize exactly how late it had become. In the blink of an eye, [Anon] and I are the only ones left at this impromptu party.

Fortunately, the hotel overlooks lake union, and there is an unguarded sailing ship mored at the dock, and [Anon] and I manage to sneak aboard without getting arrested. The only glitch happened when John and Eilleen almost run us over as we crossed the street.

Thanks everyone, for coming by to my "party" and making saturday night so memorable.
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