Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

I know I'm going to regret this. But. Have you written a Zombie Novel?

Night Shade Books is actively seeking zombie novels. Romeroesque end of the world zombie apocalypse novels.

If you have a completed zombie novel, and it doesn't suck, please send it to with the Subject Line "Zombie Novel Submission."

Please attached the FULL manuscript as an RTF or word file. In the body of the email, please include a SHORT cover letter covering your personal information and any relevant publication history. Do not give me a summary of your zombie novel. It's a zombie novel. That's all I need to know.

The open submission period for these zombie novels is the next 2 months... September and October of 2008. If it is passed October 31, 2008, please do NOT submit zombie novels to the above address. they will be ignored.

That is all. Please distribute this announcement to all the usual and relevant places, but please include the reading period date when doing so.

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