Jeremy lassen (jlassen) wrote,
Jeremy lassen

Help with a tech question? Email Auto-responder?!

So, I need a piece of software that checks an imap account, and if a certain condition is met (what the subject contains, what the email field contains etc), the software responds with an email. BUT... the email HAS TO HAVE AN ATTATCHMENT.

Thunderbird can NOT do this. Any auto responses have to be templates, and any template saves attachements as inline text, thus ensuring that most people will NOT be able to open the attachment.

So. Is there an outlook (or whatever MS$ is calling it these days) client out there that does this?

I'd preffer a windows sollution, as thats what my file server is, and I just want to run the app on my file server, instead of logging into my webhost and fucking about with linux apps, etc.

Paid software is fine. I'll buy some kind of comercial application if it gets the job done.

Please help! I spent a LOT of time googling a sollution for this, and come up with pretty much nothing.

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