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Near Death Experience On the Road to Yosemite

Near Death Experience On the Road to Yosemite

Thursday Morning, about 4AM, My wife and I set out on the road to Yosemite. We had two campsite reserved for a week, and were meeting a large group of friends at there. A rockslide caused a minor detour, but something much worse interrupted our journey. Our usual route, from San Francisco, involves cutting over across to the CA-120, but then grabbing the I-99 south, in order to come in the west entrance, along the CA-140. Getting off the I-99 at Merced, we proceeded down CA-140 East.

Just outside of Merced, the highway narrows to a one-lane-in-each-direction-highway. At this point, it was about 5:15 in the morning, and the sun had risen, but was not very high over the horizon. I had been keeping a close eye on oncoming traffic which wasn’t light, but wasn’t really heavy either. About four-to-five car-lengths in front of me was a white pick-up. We were cruising along at about 60MPH. I just happened to catch site of a dark gray pickup truck as it veered into our lane. Nothing is more terrifying then a car coming at you with a closing speed of at least120MPH.

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