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Stupid itunes Meme.... LOVE!

Search for the word "Love" in your Digital music player of choice... ONLY look for "LOVE" in the Song Title.

Answer the following questions:

How many Songs come up with this search?

How Many Artists Come up?

How Many Albums?

Sort by Play count, and list your top 10 played songs/artists/albums That have "Love" in the song title:

Love Under Will / The Black Berries / Return of the Living Dead
Lovecraft in Brooklyn / The Mountain Goats / Heretic Pride
Love Letter / Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / No More Shall We Part
Hard to Love / Old Crow Medicine show / O.C.M.S.
Tonight We'll make Love Till We Die / SSQ / Return of the Living Dead
Love Calls You By Your Name / Lenard Cohen / Songs of Love and Hate
Lovecats / The Cure / Japanese Whispers
Lovesong for Yoshimi / The Kleptones / Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots
Somebody to Love / Scaramouche & Teen Queens / We will Rock You: Cast Recording
Love At First Feel / AC/DC / Dirty Deeds

Sort by Genre and (a) Cont how genres come up and (b) list them
a: 29
b: Unknwon, Trip-Hop, Soundtrack, Soul/R & B, Rock/Pop, Rock & Roll, Rock, Reggae, Rap/R&B, Rap, R&B, Punk, Pop, Other, misc, Jazz, Indie, Hip Hop/Rap, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal ('70s), Heavy Metal, Folk, East Coast Rap, Country, Blues, Alternative & Punk, Alternative, Alt. Country, Acid Punk

Answer the following question: Does the above list make you want to go through and organize/re-tag the meta-info on your MP3's?


Post your answers/results to your blog, and after doing this, be sure to tell someone you love that you love them, within the next 24 hours.

That is all.
[Meme Created by Jeremy Lassen @ jlassen.livejournal.com Be sure to include this tag when you post this to your blog, please.]